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Data Aggregation & Migration
You have data spread all over. In email stores, customer database, inventory, sales. Wouldn't it be great to collect this all into one coherent display that you could filter, sort and print reports from.
Don't keep your data hidden! Let Dataport help put it to work for you by getting it to the people that need to see it in a manner that they can use. Dataport Computer Services can gather the relevant portions of your data from the far-flung corners of your business and put them together for you in a concise and simple display. We can also help if you need to get that data into some other format, like a web database for example. Dataport Computer Services uses Microsoft Visual Foxpro and Visual Basic for all of our data conversion and aggregation applications for their robust database capabilities and ability to rapidly produce highly efficient and usable applications.

Web Database Programming
Your Small Business probably already have a web site, but are you using it to it's full advantage? Most web hosting plans include database access, are you using yours?
The key to a hard-working site is using dynamic web pages keep the content fresh and relevant. At Dataport Computer Services we are not web designers or graphic artists, we leave that to others. Dataport specializes in connecting your existing web site to your data by utilizing the power of the Open-Source MySQL Database and PHP Active Web Scripting Language. All you need to do is keep your database updated and our code will dynamically create web pages reflecting the current data, No need to edit and upload new web pages for every change. dataport can add this to your existing web site, or work with your web designer to create the database and dynamic web page code.
For a simple example of these technologies in action see our Freeware List and Submit pages.

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