Dataport Computer Services

Computer System & Software Installations
Ok, you bought a nice new computer... now what?
Setting up and learning a new computer is like finding your way around a new city without a map. Let Dataport Computer Services be your friendly guide!
Dataport will install your new computer, set up your printer and network connection and have you working (or playing) in no time. When you turn on your new computer for the first time you may notice that it is cluttered with programs that you will never use, but you may not notice the programs you need that are missing. Dataport can help with that too. We will work with you to install the software you need and streamline and customize your desktop and start menu to YOUR liking, not Dell, Gateway, IBM or other makers idea of what you should have. Then we will check your computer for the latest security updates and apply them if needed. If your computer does not have antivirus, firewall or anti-spyware software we will install that as well. When Dataport is done installing your computer it will really be YOUR computer... Customized, efficient and secure!

It happens... sometimes your hardware just dies, or your software gets corrupted and your computer won't run. Dataport knows that you need your computer back, and the sooner the better. Whatever the problem we can get you back behind the monitor quickly, and If your computer needs extensive repair Dataport will set you up with a loaner computer so you can work while yours is being repaired.

Is your computer acting a little tired? It's given you a lot of great service, but it's not quite up to the demands of your new printer, game or graphics package. Dataport can breathe new life into tired computers with the installation of new RAM, processor, video card, hard drive or whatever you need. Dataport will also tell you when it would be more economical for you to buy a new computer, so you won't get stuck with an upgraded machine that still refuses to run your program properly.

Custom Built Computer Systems
Which computer is right for you? Do you need speedy graphics for imaging and games?, Lots of ram to run a print server? A well balanced multi-purpose machine? A minimum economy machine for web surfing and email? Sure there are lots of companies like Dell that build computers "To your specifications". What that really means is you get to choose from "their" components. If you really want a CUSTOM computer, Dataport will work with you to choose the best components from ALL sources, putting your money where it will do the most good for YOUR purpose.

Virus and SpyWare Removal and Prevention
You're not paranoid... They ARE out to get you! Unless you take multiple steps at prevention you are almost certain to pick up uninvited programs as you use the internet. Some of these can be most challenging to remove. Dataport uses a full range of malware removal tools including off-line scanning techniques to be sure your system is absolutely clean. Then we harden your system with Firewall, Anti-virus and antispyware programs, and show you how to monitor them to make sure that your system STAYS clean.

Off-Site Secure Backups
Your data is one of your most valuable assets. What would happen if your customer data or tax returns simply vanished? Don't even want to think about it! Dataport can set up a secure, on-line backup system that transfers your critical files to a secure, off-site server on a regular basis so no matter what happens to your computer or physical location, your data is safe and secure... No matter what.

Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. Dataport Computer Services can give you just the edge you need. Whether you are a complete beginner or a more experienced user that needs help with a specific task, Dataport will work with you until you are comfortable going solo.

Dataport Computer Services
Waterford Works, NJ